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SENSE THIS!  - by Allan Janssen
(April 07, 2014) -- You certainly took me to task over my editorial about selling TPMS sensors. I received dozens of letters and phone calls saying shops should explain to customers why it is so important to having working safety systems. You know what? I agree. ...more

Who owns the data?  - by Allan Janssen
(March 31, 2014) -- Aftermarket is in good position to receive telematics data, CAA exec says at the Automotive Industries Association of Canada’s Ontario Service Providers Forum in Toronto last week. ...more

The Doktor is in!  - by Sarah Voigt
(March 25, 2014) -- Christopher Doktor celebrated his 20th year as a Mazda technician by winning the company's annual technician competition. He said his win was a result of some serious preparation. ...more

Truck stolen after keys dropped off at Calgary shop
(March 18, 2014) -- Who's liable in a case like that? The Canadian Independent Automotive Association wants to hear from you about industry standards for night drop boxes. ...more

Are you up for the challenge?
(March 03, 2014) -- Technicians need to keep up with change in order to communicate effectively with customers. Will you be ready to answer their questions? ...more

Down Time: Finding balance away from the shop  - by Sarah Voigt
(February 18, 2014) -- Steve Herteis, a third-year apprentice technician has been playing paintball in a competitive Ontario league for five years now. He says it’s the best way to de-stress after a long week at the shop. ...more

It's Your Turn
(February 04, 2014) -- Ottawa shop owner Matt Martel on honouring the value of a technician's work. ...more

Down Time: Finding balance away from the shop
(January 21, 2014) -- Chris Baughman of C.B. Automotive says beekeeping helps him relax. ...more

What was your favourite CT cover?
(January 07, 2014) -- We're coming up on our 100th issue... and that means 100 unique cover illustrations that celebrate life in the service bay. Now we want to know which captured your imagination the best. Tell us which is your favourite and you could win a poster-size ...more

CIAA releases policy statement on TPMS
(December 17, 2013) -- The Canadian Independent Automotive Association (CIAA) says independent shops should never let a vehicle go without tire pressure monitors installed. ...more

Gearing for change  - by Allan Janssen
(December 10, 2013) -- Mister Transmission has new owner, new vision, and ambitious goals for the future. ...more

College of Trades boss meets with technicians
(November 26, 2013) -- The new registrar and CEO of Ontario’s College of Trades says he’d like to set up regular meetings with tradespeople like the one he had last month with three automotive technicians. ...more

Movember's Coming!  - by Allan Janssen
(October 29, 2013) -- Will you join the hairy throng of Mo Bro's raising awareness about men's health? ...more

World-class training  - by Allan Janssen
(October 07, 2013) -- LinderTech North draws technicians from all over for two-day high-intensity training. ...more

Edmonton tech named Canadian Technician of the Year  - by Allan Janssen
(October 01, 2013) -- Blaine Boutin, of Dyneco Automotive Service in Edmonton, tops nationwide search which drew 29 nominations from coast to coast. ...more

The evolution of cordless tool technology  - by Sarah Voigt
(September 24, 2013) -- Cordless, battery-powered tools are more powerful than ever… and with advanced battery technology, many technicians are embracing them in the bay. ...more

Counting down to the Canadian Technician of the Year  - by Allan Janssen
(September 16, 2013) -- Diesel expert Doug Nuspl of Neilburg, Sask. takes advantage of online courses to find out what’s new in the automotive world. He's the final finalist on our short list. ...more

Counting down to the Canadian Technician of the Year  - by Allan Janssen
(September 09, 2013) -- Winnipeg shop owner Carl Hutman is a big believer in networking with other shops to share information, tech tips, and management ideas. ...more

Counting down to the Canadian Technician of the Year  - by Sarah Voigt
(September 03, 2013) -- Nova Scotia technician Duke Chafe says a deep love for his community keeps him dedicated to the craft of fixing his neighbour’s cars. ...more

Counting down to the Canadian Technician of the Year  - by Sarah Voigt
(August 27, 2013) -- Technician Michael Briggs – who foiled a would-be bank robber – says helping people is one of the rewards of his job at Grant Street Garage in Ottawa, Ont. ...more

Counting down to the Canadian Technician of the Year  - by Allan Janssen
(August 19, 2013) -- Shop foreman Blaine Boutin of Edmonton, Alta., says he’s a stickler for making sure things get done right the first time. ...more

Counting down to the Canadian Technician of the Year  - by Allan Janssen
(August 13, 2013) -- Ontario’s Josh Booy is a self-described tech geek who loves the excitement of learning new skills, and the challenge of fixing cars. ...more

Counting down to the Canadian Technician of the Year
(August 06, 2013) -- Chris Baughman, owner of C.B. Automotive in Bancroft, Ont., says working for himself brings its own challenges and rewards. ...more

Counting down to the Canadian Technician of the Year
(July 31, 2013) -- Nova Scotia’s Jeremy Allen says classroom work gives him the opportunity to keep up with ever-changing technology in the automotive world. ...more

The importance of last impressions
(July 10, 2013) -- A Quebec business consultant says a good transaction should be like a fireworks display… with the best stuff at the end! ...more

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